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For sale IRS and RES property in Mauritius
International Investors can invest in Mauritius by buy villas and other type of property in Mauritius through the IRS and RES, PDS scheme.
Foreigners buying properties has a number of benefits in Mauritius.
You may read on our IRS and RES section for more info.
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Alternatively you contact us on +230 5798-8542 or via mail on info@gbe-ltd.com for investment advice.
Scheme Type
Date of Scheme Inception
Transfer Duties
Residency Obtainable
Investment For Residency
Integrated Resort Scheme (IRS)
Land area of development to exceed 10 ha
US$ 70 000 or 5% whichever is higher
US $ 375 000
Real Estate Scheme (RES)
Land area of development 4000m2 > 10 ha
US$ 25 000 or 5% whichever is higher
US $ 375 000
Property Development Scheme (PDS)
Land area of development 0,422 ha (1 arp), projects are subject to strict controls regarding respect for the environment and must focus on the ecological aspect.
5% of the transaction value
US $ 375 000
Smart City Scheme (SCS)
To be developed on land of an extent of at least 21.105 ha (50 arp), and must incorporate within the development a mix of compatible land use including commercial, leisure and residential
5% of the transaction value
US $ 375 000
Ground Plus Two (G+2)
Minimum of 6 units in the development, must comprise ground floor plus two additional stories at least
5% of the transaction value
Off-plan Payment Plan for Purchasing In a IRS, RES, PDS in Mauritius*
* May differ from each development project
  • Deposit: 10%
  • Upon signing of the deed: 15%
  • Upon completion of the foundation works: 10%
  • Upon completion of roofed-in phase: 35%
  • Upon completion: 25%
  • Upon availability of premises: 5%
By Purchasing A Unit Off Plan, How Is My Purchase Secured?
The acquisition of a unit off-plan or during construction of the project is governed by the provisions of a ‘vente en l’etat future d’achevement’ (‘VEFA’), in accordance with the Mauritian Civil Code. The Promoter provides the Purchaser with a guarantee of future completion, Garantie Future d’Achévement (‘GFA’). The GFA will be issued by Mauritius Commercial Bank and is a guarantee that the unit you have purchased will be completed and delivered to you in accordance with the project specifications and drawings. The GFA is issued to you simultaneously with your signature of the Deed of Sale.
Is It Possible To Obtain A Mortgage?
Mauritius Commercial Bank Ltd (MCB) is willing to finance up to 60% of the purchase price, with an Interest Rate of LIBOR + 5%. We can make the necessary introductions to help you move discussions forward if you do not have your own contacts.
Where Will My Deposit Be Held?
Your deposit will be held in an escrow account opened with a Mauritian registered financial institution or alternatively in the Notary’s trust
account until the Deed of Sale is signed. Once the Deed of Sale is signed, the deposit is released to the Promoter as part of the selling price.
Who Can Acquire Ownership Within An IRS, RES, PDS in Mauritius?
– A noncitizen of Mauritius
– A citizen of Mauritius
– A foreign company registered under the Companies Act 2001
– A Mauritian company incorporated under the Companies Act 2001
– A society, set up by a licensed financial services commission
Who Is Eligible for Permanent Residency?
Permanent Residency is granted to married couples and their children, who must be less than 24 years old to qualify. An unmarried partner will not be granted resident status but will be entitled to a Residence Permit that is renewable on an annual basis.
For How Long Is the Residence Permit Granted?
As long as the non-citizen holds immovable property under the scheme, the Residence Permit remains in force for him and his dependents.
What Are Some of The Tax Benefits Of Living In Mauritius?
Mauritius is a well-regulated and transparent jurisdiction that fully complies with the OECD’s International Standards of Transparency and Exchange of Information for Tax Purposes. It has established itself as an international financial centre with attractive fiscal policies, including an extensive Tax Treaty network with multiple countries.
  • Corporate Tax, Personal Income Tax and VAT set at 15%
  • No tax on Donations to descendants and spouses
  • No Foreign Exchange Controls, no Withholding Tax, no Tax on Capital Gains
  • Double Taxation Avoidance – Agreements with 46 countries
Is There A Minimum Period One Is Legally Obliged to Stay In Mauritius Under A Residence Permit?
The law does not provide for a minimum number of days per year to stay in Mauritius on a Residence Permit. However, it is recommended to stay in Mauritius for a minimum of 183 days per calendar year to be considered a resident for tax purposes. Resident individuals are subject to Mauritian income tax laws on their worldwide income. An individual is a Resident in Mauritius if he or she fulfills one of two conditions:
  • he or she spends at least 183 days of the tax year in the country, or
  • he or she has a combined presence of at least 270 days in that tax year and the two preceding tax years (conditions apply)
What Is the Difference Between A Permanent Residence Permit (PRP) and Citizenship?
A PRP is a permit that allows an eligible non-citizen to live in Mauritius for a period of 20 years, following which the permit must be renewed. Obtaining citizenship, on the other hand, means that the investor becomes a citizen of the country and is entitled to carry a Mauritian passport. Note that a Residence Permit does not automatically lead to Mauritian citizenship, which means that even if the holder has the right to live in Mauritius, he or she is not allowed to own other real estate properties across the country outside the Integrated Resort Scheme (IRS), Real Estate Scheme (RES) and Property Development Scheme (PDS) frameworks, or an apartment in a “ground + two” building, or industrial/commercial property. All purchases must be authorised by the Economic Development Board (EDB).
List of documents required depending on the type of entity you wish to purchase in:

For Individual Clients :

  • Copy of the identity card (Mauritian citizens) or passports (for non-Mauritian citizens) of purchasers.
  • Copy of a proof of residence (electricity bill, or telephone bill (fixed line) less than 3 months old).
  • Civil states (birth certificate of each spouse, marriage certificate, marriage contract (if there is one)).
  • Bank reference of a reputable bank mentioning the address of each spouse.
  • Source of the funds.
  • Proof of the non-criminal origin of the funds to be used for the acquisition, (e.g. a certificate of sale of a property or a bank certificate confirming the availability of funds on an account or a bank certificate justifying the non-fraudulent origin of the funds or the copy of the loan if the purchase requires a loan…).
  • 4 recent identity photos for each purchaser.
For Company Clients:
  • Copy of Certificate of Incorporation;
  • Copy of Business Registration Card;
  • Copy of Register of Shareholders;
  • Copy of Register of Directors;
  • Copy of Birth Certificate of all directors and shareholders; True Certified Copy
  • Copy of Passport all directors and shareholders; True Certified Copy
  • Copy of Marriage Certificate if the director or shareholder is a married woman;
  • Copy of Resolution authorising acquisition and nominating authorized signatory to sign deed of sales;
  • Copy of passport + Occupation + address of authorized signatory
  • Letter of authorization from BOI
For Civil Partnership (Société) Clients:
  • Copy of ‘Statuts de Société’ registered in Mauritius;
  • Copy of passport of the managing partner as well as his occupation and address;
  • Copy of Birth Certificate of all partners; True Certified Copy
  • Copy of Passport all partners; True Certified Copy
  • Copy of Marriage Certificate if partner is a married woman;
Upon your request, the notary can undertake procedure to set up a civil partnership. Please find below the documents and information needed in order to set up civil partnership:
  • 3 names for the partnership in order of preference;
  • Copies of birth certificate, Mariage Certificate, National Identity Card for the shareholders of the company;
  • Registered address of the partnership;
  • Name of the managers of the civil partnership ( at least 2);
  • Capital Amount;
  • Allocation of Capital amongst the shareholders
For Trust Clients:
  • Copy of the ‘Declaration of Trust’
  • Copy of the ‘Certificate of Incorporation’ of the company acting as ‘trustee’
  • Copy of the ‘Management License’ of the company acting as ‘trustee’
  • Resolution authorizing acquisition and nominating authorized signatory to sign deed of sales;
  • Copy of passport + Occupation + address of authorized signatory
  • Copy of Birth Certificate of all beneficiaries; True Certified Copy
  • Copy of Passport all beneficiaries; True Certified Copy
  • Copy of Marriage Certificate if beneficiary is a married woman;