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Buying or selling a property in Mauritius?

How to acquire a property in Mauritius?

In order to be able to invest in a property on our island, you have to meet up with at least one of the following requirements:
1) Be of Mauritian Nationality
2) Be married to a Mauritian on the basis of a joint settlement of property
3) Buy an IRS Project
4) Buy an RES Project

5) Buy a PDS project

Find our blog section for more details if you are from abroad and are non-citizens of Mauritius.

Register with us?

it is worth registering with us details of what you are looking for so that you receive information on new properties coming to the market, giving you the chance to view early. You can register over the phone by calling +230 57988542 or simply mail us on

Viewings can be conducted by appointment Monday to Friday 10am- 5pm.
Information for local residents only.

1) What are the fees incurred by the buyer on purchasing?

(agency) Fees
2% of the total transaction + 15% of VAT
(Local Residents only) (Fees incurred by the vendor and buyer)

2) What are the fees incurred by the vendor on purchasing?

(agency) Fees
2% on the total transaction + 15% of VAT
(Local Residents only) (Fees incurred by the vendor and buyer)
Transfer Fees:

First time buyers are exempted registration duty of 5% if property is below Rs 2m for Land and more than Rs 4m for Houses

a) The vendor pays 5% of “Land Transfer Tax” on the declared value
Guides for rentals of property

How long is ‘Long Term’?

Long Term rentals are for a minimum of one year. All prices quoted on our website are indicative of a rental period of 1-2 years.

Can I rent less than a year?

Almost all landlords require a minimum of one year. Some of them are flexible but will however require compensation for the shorter period by an increase in the monthly rent.

What payments are required for a long term rental contract?

The standard payments to be made on signature of rental contract are:

Deposit + first monthly rental in advance + agency fees (none refundable)

Deposit: this can vary between 1-3 months rental equivalent depending on the owner and type of amenities offered in the property.
What are the fees incurred for a rental?

1 month rental + VAT if the lease duration is 12 months or more
(Please note that VAT is currently standing at 15%)
ii) Terms of payment

Agency fees are due on demand – failure of payment will result in court settlement and penalties